The story behind George.Jr

I started George.Jr with nothing but a dream. Managed through hard work and countless hours to get it up and running. My dream was to create watches all my life so that's what I decided to do. I am a South African by birth and married the women of my dreams and then moved back to her home country of Sweden. One of the hardest things in my life has been to live so far away from my family as that for me is the most important thing in life. I am so grateful to have the new family I have here in my new home town of Stockholm. Without that support life would be very tough. One way I have been able to be more connected to my family is by creating each style of watch around there personalities and intrests with a lot of insight from them, Giving George. Jr a wide range of styles that will suit everyone. By doing this I truly believe that I have showen them how much they mean to me by creating my brand in there honour. 

Our Vission for the Future Together 

When you're working on a product or brand, you are curious to know what people will think about it.

George Jr not only makes the highest quality watches but we also help communities and organizations all over the world raise funds through every watch sold on our website. The most important thing to me like I said before is family so everyone that buys a watch from George Jr becomes apart of the George Jr family, in turn helping the less fortunate all over the world have that little bit of extra time on our amazing planet.

So with your help and support join the family today and together we can make a HUGE difference.

"Life is full of possibilities, don't waste them. If you have a dream take the chance and go with it. You never know what will be without trying. Don't ask yourself one day why did n't I take the step. You are the creator of your own future and it's never to late to start working on your dreams."


Bringing George. Jr to life

Bringing George.Jr to life From the first thought in my head to holding a physical object. It is a great experience to see your own ideas being translated into products for real

Passion for luxury watches

Excellent timepieces carefully crafted with a passion for luxury watches. I have designed minimalistic and fashionable watches by combining modern and classical elements. I believe that I have created a range of watches that is exciting and that can bring people together through connecting with individual styles


Family Heritage